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[Chicken-users] scrutinizer.scm in git 'enhanced-srutiny'

From: J Altfas
Subject: [Chicken-users] scrutinizer.scm in git 'enhanced-srutiny'
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2011 17:05:30 -0800

This may be old news already, but I was curious about the "enhanced-scrutiny" 
branch in git.  Found out that it wouldn't compile (last 2 changes).  

It stopped at scrutinizer.scm, and looking at the file...well, it looks sorta 
mangled.  I tried to make sense of it, but didn't get far due to lack of time 
and familiarity with it. 

Looks like it showed up with change "resolved conflicts" (commit 

BTW, I played a bit with the "functor" branch a few days ago--interesting, and 
I think I have an instance where it could be useful.


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