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[Chicken-users] amb-extras: distinct? expects srfi-1 member

From: Markus Klotzbuecher
Subject: [Chicken-users] amb-extras: distinct? expects srfi-1 member
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2011 18:00:58 +0200
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.20 (2009-06-14)

Dear All,

distinct? from amb-extras fails with an "bad argument count" error
when srfi-1 is not loaded. In that case the member procedure from
'scheme' and not srfi-1 is used, which doesn't take a additional
equality procedure as used by distinct?.

Adding srfi-1 to the imports as in the attached patch fixed the issue
for me.

Best regards

diff --git a/amb-extras.scm b/amb-extras.scm
index 46ac305..1769de3 100644
--- a/amb-extras.scm
+++ b/amb-extras.scm
@@ -14,12 +14,13 @@
   (import scheme
+         (only srfi-1 member)
           (only data-structures shuffle)
           (only extras random)
           (only type-checks check-list check-procedure))
-  (require-library data-structures extras amb type-checks)
+  (require-library data-structures extras amb type-checks srfi-1)

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