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[Chicken-users] development snapshot 4.6.5 available

From: Felix
Subject: [Chicken-users] development snapshot 4.6.5 available
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2011 04:48:28 -0500 (EST)


A development snapshot for CHICKEN 4.6.5 is now available at

What's new:

- Build system
  - the PROGRAM_PREFIX and PROGRAM_SUFFIX configuration settings
    are applied to generated files and directories which allows to
    install differently named chicken builds into the same PREFIX
  - increased binary-compatibility version from 5 to 6, which
    means installed extensions in an existing installations will 
    have to be re-installed
  - bugfixes in mingw/msys makefiles
  - Sven Hartrumpf contributed a bugfix to the internal helper
    script for creating distribution directories
- Compiler
  - the `-accumulate-profile' option did not provide a way to
    specify the target profile data file - now `-profile-name'
    must always be given when accumulated profiling is done
    (thanks to Tayler Venable)
  - added `-module' option, which wraps the code into an implicit
  - removed check for unsafe toplevel calls in safe mode
  - intrinsic handling of `exact->inexact' and `string->number' is
    now more efficient
  - fixed bug in leaf-routine optimization (thanks to David
  - unit-toplevel entry-points are now named differently, which
    may break binary-compatibility with existing compiled Scheme
    code modules
  - fixed invalid dropping of unused external entry-points in
  - fixed incorrect lambda-list check in scrutinizer (thanks to
    Alan Post)
  - Kon Lovett reported numerous bugs in the type-database used
    by the scrutinizer
- Syntax expander
  - `syntax-rules' now supports tail-patterns and is now fully
    SRFI-46 compatible - many thanks to Peter Bex for implementing
  - Peter Bex provided a bugfix for resolution of primitive imports
  - handling of internal definitions with shadowed defining
    forms is now done correctly - fix once again from Peter Bex
  - corrected non-standard behaviour of quasiquote with respect
    to nested quasiquotations - another bugfix by our mighty macro
  - removed stub-implementation of `define-macro'
  - handled case where a global redefinition of `cons' influenced
    a non-inlined internal use in the expander (thanks to David
- Foreign function interface
  - removed deprecated `pointer', `nonnull-pointer', `byte-vector'
    and `nonnull-byte-vector' types
  - added missing result-type handling for `unsigned-integer64'
    (thanks to Moritz Heidkamp)
  - added `foreign-type-size' macro
- Runtime system
  - `equal?' does not compare procedures recursively anymore
  - fixed incorrect use of alloca.h on OpenBSD (thanks to
    Christian Kellermann and Alan Post)
  - checks for NaN and infinity are now done using ISO C99
    operations, which required various changes to `chicken.h'
    to make the code compile in ISO C99 mode
  - remaining debris regarding MSVC builds has been removed
  - fixed bug in argument-type check for 64-bit integer (thanks
    to Kon Lovett)
  - increased default trace-buffer size from 10 to 16
  - fixed bug in low-level termination routine (thanks to
    Jeronimo Pellegrini)
  - the scheduler handles violations of internal invariants
    regarding threads slightly more gracefully (thanks to Jim
  - fixed broken sleep-time conversion (thanks to Karel Miklav)
  - repaired broken handling of multiple finalizers that referred
    to the same object (reported by Moritz Heidkamp)
  - fixed problem with reader and escaping of single-char symbols
- Tools
  - chicken-bug
    - removed disabled e-mail support
  - csc
    - removed `-static-extension' option
    - removed deprecated `-windows' option
    - fixed incorrect use of `chicken.rc' on non-Windows platforms
      in `-gui' mode (thanks to "ddp")
  - csi
    - fixed broken `,g' toplevel command
    - deprecated `script' feature identifier (use `chicken-script'
- Libraries
  - unit `library'
    - added `condition->list', contributed by Christian Kellermann
    - added `equal=?'
    - removed deprecated `getenv', `left-section', `right-section',
      `project', `c-runtime' and `noop'
    - added missing import-library entry for `vector-copy!' (thanks
      to Jules Altfas)
    - circular or excessively deeply nested data generates a more
      useful error message when encountered by `equal?'
  - unit `files'
    - fixed bug in `normalize-pathname'
  - unit `lolevel'
    - removed deprecated `global-bound?', `global-make-unbound',
      `global-ref' and `global-set!' procedures
  - unit `posix'
    - added `file-creation-mode' (suggested by Mario Domenech Goulart)
  - unit `srfi-18'
    - removed deprecated `milliseconds->time' and `time->milliseconds'
    - `make-mutex' incorrectly created mutexes as initially owned by
      the current threads (thanks to Joerg Wittenberger) 
  - unit `utils'
    - `compile-file' now returns `#f' when the compilation fails,
       instead of raising an error
- Documentation
  - The manual is now installed in HTML format in
    PREFIX/share/chicken/doc, many thanks to Jim Ursetto for
    contributing his excellent `manual-labor' extension which made
    this possible

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