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[Chicken-users] matchable egg ticket #487

From: Alan Post
Subject: [Chicken-users] matchable egg ticket #487
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2011 23:01:02 -0700

Hello Alex,

I've been using your matchable egg and am really happy with it.
I've been using it to make the compiler for my parser, genturfa'i,
more sophisticated so that I can make the runtime code much simpler.

Having taken a quick look at the code, it doesn't seem like it
derives from Andrew Wright's implementation, please correct me if
I'm wrong.

I've just come across a bug in the matchable egg which I've
documented in ticket #487:

A call is made to |length| even when the input isn't a list if a
production contains |...|.

I've worked around this problem in my code by adding an extra
production to guard against a symbol being checked by any later
production containing |...|.

Since I can work around the problem, it isn't urgent.  It would be
awesome all the same if you could look at the ticket and see if
there is a more systematic problem in the code.

Thank you!

.i ko djuno fi le do sevzi

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