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[Chicken-users] obscure error message after refactoring

From: Alan Post
Subject: [Chicken-users] obscure error message after refactoring
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2011 06:58:27 -0700

I've been refactoring the interface between 3 of the subsystems in
my egg, genturfa'i.  I've made a ton of changes to the code, and
am at the point where I'm ready to compile everything and figure
out what is broken.  I run chicken-install -s, and as it tries
to compile my library, gives me the following error:

  Error: (caddr) bad argument type: *

          Call history:

          <syntax>          (##core#begin (define genturfahi-version-major 0) 
(define genturfahi-version-minor 0) (define gentur......
          <syntax>          (define genturfahi-version-major 0)
          <syntax>          (##core#set! genturfahi-version-major 0)
          <syntax>          (define genturfahi-version-minor 0)
          <syntax>          (##core#set! genturfahi-version-minor 0)
          <syntax>          (define genturfahi-version-patch 1)
          <syntax>          (##core#set! genturfahi-version-patch 1)
          <syntax>          (define genturfahi-version "trunk")
          <syntax>          (##core#set! genturfahi-version "trunk")
          <syntax>          (##core#undefined)    <--

  Error: shell command terminated with non-zero exit status 17920:
  /opt/chicken-master/bin/chicken chicken-ext.scm -output-file
  genturfahi.c -dynamic -feature chicken-compile-shared -feature
  compiling-extension -setup-mode -debug-level 2 -emit-import-library

I don't have an explicit call to caddr anywhere in my code, and I
believe the following line:

          <syntax>          (##core#set! genturfahi-version "trunk")

Refers to the last line in the last file of my library.

I've been looking over diffs trying to see if I've introduced a
subtle scope or syntax error somewhere, but I'm not having much

What do I do with an error message like the one above?  It isn't
obvious to me where I need to look to fix the problem.

Thank you,

.i ko djuno fi le do sevzi

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