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[Chicken-users] Re: sqlite3 egg still failing in experimental branch

From: Thomas Chust
Subject: [Chicken-users] Re: sqlite3 egg still failing in experimental branch
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2011 15:51:45 +0100

2011/1/15 Alan Post <address@hidden>:
> 2011/1/14 <address@hidden>:
>> [...]
>> The sqlite3 is still failing to compile in the experimental branch:
>> [...]
> [...]
> I believe the attached patch should do it.  I withdraw the original
> miliseconds deprecation patch (but retain the noop/void patch) and
> replace it with this one.
> [...]

Hello Alan,

although there was no patch attached to the message, I have now
checked in modifications to the trunk version of the SQLite3 egg that
should largely be equivalent to your suggested changes.

All tests still run fine under CHICKEN 4.6.3, but I still haven't
tested with the experimental branch of CHICKEN. I would be grateful if
you could try it under CHICKEN 4.6.4 and tell me if everything is in
order, then I would tag a new version of the SQLite3 egg.

I hope my sluggish reaction didn't cause you too much trouble :-)


When C++ is your hammer, every problem looks like your thumb.

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