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[Chicken-users] new egg documentation bootstrap

From: Derrell Piper
Subject: [Chicken-users] new egg documentation bootstrap
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 2009 11:37:16 -0500

I'm working on a new egg but I don't quite understand the documentation 
process.  Assuming I want to go with (doc-from-wiki), where do I go in the wiki 
to actually create the page?  And should I do that before or after I get an svn 
directory set up?  

I'm also not sure I completely understand what's meant by this (cf. "eggs 

"Whenever a new release for your egg is made, its associated file from the wiki 
will be converted to HTML and shipped with it (as mpeg3.html) as well as 
uploaded to <>."

Is that something that just happens automagically?  And what does that really 
mean today?  That sort of implies that I should have html for every egg I have 
installed but if I do, I don't know where that lives.  And if not, what's the 
point?  But regardless, I assume you don't want me to check in any html if the 
doc's in the wiki, right?



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