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[Chicken-users] eval from string with long strings.

From: Heinrich Taube
Subject: [Chicken-users] eval from string with long strings.
Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2008 09:50:01 -0500

hi my c++ app statically links to libchicken 3.0.0 and i start a chicken session like this:
  HeapSize: 1000000
  StackSize: 64000

now, if i send chicken a long string to eval i get the error

Error: not enough room for result string

and my app crashes, which is really bad since editing windows with unsaved work and everthing else dies.

is there a way to tell chicken to allocate more room without such a hard constraint? the string in sending to chicken (via eval_from_string) contains an expression "(define foo '(....))" where .... is longish (35000 chars) but lisp should be able to deal with this i think.

whats strange is that if i start CSI in the terminal and simply paste the expr into csi it handles it.

any help on how to stop the crashing greatly appreciated.

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