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Re: [Chicken-users] hostinfo egg on windows

From: Daishi Kato
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] hostinfo egg on windows
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 23:35:57 +0900
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At Mon, 21 Nov 2005 13:35:12 -0600,
Zbigniew wrote:
> Daishi,
> Personally, I would recommend implementing inet_ntop and inet_pton on
> Windows.  The lack of those functions is, IMO, broken.  I looked at
> the code in the mailing archive and it looks totally generic---like it
> came right out of a UNIX libc.  So, if the author says the license is
> BSD-incompatible, you can probably find equivalent code easily.

The author says OK, and so I included.

> Eventually it might be good to take some of the networking utilities
> out of tcp, udp, hostinfo etc. and combine it into a network utility
> egg (or include file), if possible.  Some of the functionality in
> these is duplicated.   This might include the Windows versions of
> inet_ntop and inet_pton.  Even the high-level ip->string and
> string->ip conversions seem a bit out of place in hostinfo, to me.

I agree with that. It should be either in a common egg or
in core. BTW, having tcp in core, but udp and hostinfo in eggs,
looks to me like a little inconsistency.

> If you need to make a setup file, feel free to create an egg.  I don't
> mind if you send it directly to Felix or commit it, just copy me.

I did it.
Although with an instant try on windows, it does not work for me.
I hope I can figure this out, but let me know
if someone give it a try.


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