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[Chicken-users] CMake status

From: Brandon J. Van Every
Subject: [Chicken-users] CMake status
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 11:38:39 -0800
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John.Cowan wrote:

The mkdir command in Unix is a thin wrapper over the mkdir() system call,
and creates only the final directory mentioned in an argument pathname;
all others must exist.  However, the standard -p option will create all
the directories mentioned if they do not exist already.
The replies from the CMake list were speedy; it appears that CMake is indeed supposed to pave over these various issues I've raised, and that I have found bugs. They say it is not surprising given that CMake hasn't gotten too much MinGW / MSYS use, and they're glad to have a test case. I'd say I've gotten over the main hump of the CMake learning curve now. I find the documentation leaves a lot to be desired, but the mailing list archives do contain answers, and more importantly the mailing list is responsive. Also there's nothing about CMake that a seasoned hacker can't get through; it is simple, and I do think it is easier going than Autoconf. Also, Bill Hoffman from Kitware generously provided us a working basic CMakeLists.txt that does reliably build on MinGW and VC++. I am merely kicking installation functionality into shape, which wasn't present.

After that, the more exotic task will be to get different compilers and environments to build from the same source tree. This is not so important from a single end user's standpoint, as generally people only need 1 build. But it is rather important for Chicken maintenance. As it stands, I have all these directories for MinGW, VC++, and VCToolKit permuted over my file system, and I could of course add Cygwin, Borland, and other culprits if I really wanted to test everything. It's easy to see how testing, source control, and error reporting discipline can get lost among all the directories. Easier all around if everyone is working with The One True Tree. I am sure this will come along, although Thanksgiving is of course on most Americans' agendas right now.

Brandon Van Every
"The pioneer is the one with the arrows in his back."
                         - anonymous entrepreneur

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