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[Chicken-users] scons-chicken needs you.

From: Pupeno
Subject: [Chicken-users] scons-chicken needs you.
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005 22:55:16 -0300
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I have implemented a "scanner" for scons-chicken [1]. What a scanner does is 
read the source code and establish dependencies. Basically if an included 
file changes, the including file gets recompiled automatically.
I implemented that the easy way: from the scons-chicken add on I call a 
program, chicken-il (include list, that is) with the filename of the source 
to inspect. I have added limited support for chicken-il to the reader 
extensions I use, I might add other latter.
What I need is for people to test scons-chicken in general and chicken-il in 
particular. And here I reefer to the development branch of scons-chicken[4]. 
If you can test scons-chicken, great, but if not, if you can at least test 
chicken-il over your beloved scheme sources[5] and see if it throws an error 
or a correct list of included files.
Any ideas, suggestion, patches, contributions, money, etc are very welcome.
Thank you.
Pupeno <address@hidden> (

[1] scons-chicken is an add-on for Scons[2] to be able to compile Chicken[3] 
that is available on

[2] SCons is a building tool much like make+autotools that can be found on

[3] If you don't know what Chicken is, what are you doing on this mailing list 
anyway ?

[4] Get the development branch by: darcs get

[5] I don't write anything, but you should make backs up often!

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