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[Chicken-users] Checking memory leaks.

From: Pupeno
Subject: [Chicken-users] Checking memory leaks.
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 22:13:48 -0300
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As you may know, I am making a xlib wrapper for Chicken[1], here I am 
interfacing with a lot of C code and I have the typical problems of having 
half the code garbage collected and the other half not.
I think I codded it right, but I'd like to check somehow if I am leaking 
memory or not (thankfully, on this case, if I am, it'll be huge), is there 
any way to test it ? What do you recommend ? I used ElectricFence some years 
ago, but it is a C thing and I don't know if something like that would be 
Thank you.
Pupeno <address@hidden> (


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