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[Chicken-users] 2.2 on windows

From: Daishi Kato
Subject: [Chicken-users] 2.2 on windows
Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2005 08:20:02 +0900
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I have finally done compiling 2.2 on windows
using free MSVC toolkit an vcbuild.bat.
There are a few findings:

a) chicken-setup
Somehow, (ensure-directory) does not work on my windows.
It tries to recreate an existing direcotry.
A workaround was just to delete (ensure-directory) and made
sure that the directory was created beforehand manually.
I'm not sure if someone else could reproduce this.

b) http.egg (http-client.scm)
ntohs() and getservbyname() are not supported on win32. (True?)
I just let (getservbyname) return 0.
But, there could be better error reporting.

c) spiffy.egg
(set-signal-handler!) is not supported in posixwin.scm,
and an error is raised when running.
I have no idea what to do with this. Please help.

What I am just wondering is that if I am the first person
to try spiffy on Windows, or something is wrong on my side.

BTW, chicken-setup requires gunzip and tar.
What kind of tools are the people who uses chicken on win32 using?
The gunzip binary from the GNU site works fine, but the tar binary does not.
I don't like to install SFU since it comes with many other tools (too big).


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