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Re: [Chicken-users] 2.207 tarball doesn't build on MinGW or VC++

From: Daishi Kato
Subject: Re: [Chicken-users] 2.207 tarball doesn't build on MinGW or VC++
Date: Fri, 04 Nov 2005 14:17:06 +0900
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At Thu, 3 Nov 2005 07:58:30 +0100,
felix winkelmann wrote:
> > In my VC++ full retail environment, vcbuild.bat has many type errors in
> > pip.h.  This is related somehow to WS2tcpip.h.
> >
> Oh boy. What header is now the required one? winsock2.h doesn't
> seem to be enough, judging from earlier reports by several people.
> Do I need to include both headers? Can someone try to build the
> system with #include <winsock2.h> added before the include of
> ws2tcpip.h, please?

my first time trying to compile on windows.
I'm using a free VC++ toolkit and vcbuild.bat.
Even though I added winsock2.h in schedular.scm and tcp.scm,
it still gives me a bunch of errors.


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