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[Chicken-users] 2.207 snapshot

From: felix winkelmann
Subject: [Chicken-users] 2.207 snapshot
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2005 22:58:45 +0100

Hi, folks!

A new snapshot is (finallly) available (version 2.207).

What's new:

- Bugfixes, as usual
- csc:
  * new option `-objc' compiles generated C files in Objective-C mode
  * accepts .m files
  * new option `-framework' is passed to linker on Mac OS X
  * options `-cflags', `-ldflags' and `-libs'
- chicken-setup:
  * detects whether eggs are gzipped or not and accepts ungzipped eggs
  * if no other actions are specified and no eggs are given on the
command line, then
    all .setup scripts in the current directory are executed
  * added `setup-build-directory' and `setup-root-directory' parameters
- Chicken can now be build with the CMake build tool on Windows
- `extension-info' has been renamed to `extension-information'. The old name is
  still available, but deprecated
- `print-backtrace' has been renamed to `print-call-chain'. The old
name is still
  available (and deprecated)
- library:
  (get-call-chain [DEPTH])
  (copy-read-table READ-TABLE)
- evaluated code generates call-trace information (as compiled code does), which
  results in much better back-traces.
- standard SRFI-17 setters are now optimized to primitive calls in most cases
- added SRFI-17 setters for many accessors of the core libraries
- tinyclos: added a couple of missing classes for core library structures
- added compiler/runtime support for object serialization via the
`s11n' extension
  (see <>)

Many thanks Patrick Brannan, Category 5, John Cowan, datrus, Guillaume
Germaine, Mario Goulart,
Daniel B. Faken, Andrey Fomichev, Brandon van Every, Sven Hartrumpf
and Eric Raible for their
helpful contributions, suggestions and bug reports!


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