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[Chicken-users] Wierd error running chicken

From: John Lenz
Subject: [Chicken-users] Wierd error running chicken
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2005 20:17:52 -0500 (CDT)
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I was just running the SWIG chicken test suite to see if it still ran,
since we are planning on releasing a new version of SWIG.  I am getting a
very strange error.  Well, the error itself isn't that strange.  But
adding a blank line with a comment on it causes the error to disappear. 
This is with the 2.2 snapshot of chicken, and the example is from SWIG
CVS.  (also compiling on Ubuntu amd64).

Adding blank lines and comments causes the error to disappear.  I was
unable to make the example any smaller.  I put the files up on my site at


csc -s li_typemaps.scm li_typemaps_wrap.cxx -o

The only difference between the two files is the existance of a line with
a ";" on it.  I get an error on the second command because the return
value from the out-foo function is not the correct type.  I can't see what
it is returning, because adding a (display a) line in there makes the
program work again.

Putting blank lines other places in the code sometimes causes the error,
other times it doesn't.  I suspect some sort of stack overflow or
something, although adding blank lines in the input shouldn't be changing


P.S: I haven't been keeping up with any SWIG requests and am just coming
back from a while away from my email, so if there are any problems with
chicken and SWIG, you will have to send them to me again.

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