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[Chicken-users] (CVS commit) Version 1, Build 18

From: felix
Subject: [Chicken-users] (CVS commit) Version 1, Build 18
Date: Tue, 09 Sep 2003 00:53:43 +0200

Tue Sep  9 00:54:34 2003

- `-dynamic' is equivalent to `-shared'
- support.scm: `-dynamic' wasn't mentioned in `-help' output
- when using gcc 3.3, add `-Wno-strict-aliasing' option to CFLAGS [Thanks to 
Johannes Groedem]
- bumped version to 1.18
- posix.scm: `file-lock' mixed up input- and output-ports [Thanks to Johannes 
- posix.scm: error-handling for file-locking was wrong
- eval.scm: `load' didn't always return void

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