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[Chicken-meisters] Re: Fix for #556 in 4.7.0?

From: Felix
Subject: [Chicken-meisters] Re: Fix for #556 in 4.7.0?
Date: Sat, 09 Apr 2011 08:45:05 +0200 (CEST)

>> I thought it would not be critical for the snapshot, but I forgot
>> about the release. I just pushed it to the "master" and "prerelease"
>> branches. Thanks for noticing, Mario. We have to formalize the release
>> process (at least a bit) - I find it more and more difficult, from
>> release to release, not to forget something important.
> Do you mean some formal procedure for merging branches?  Building the
> release tarball?  Updating docs stuff like manual, download page, md5
> sums etc?  Or everything? :-) I suppose the latter.

Yes, basically. 

> Some time ago I started a very modest doc dir in the
> chicken-infrastructure repository.  There's a very basic release-steps
> file there.  It should be improved.

I will take a look there.

> Maybe that release script I posted to chicken-meisters today can help in
> the tarball generation.

It can mechanically perform the last steps. But there is a lot of
manual stuff that has to be done.

> Do you have any plan about that formalization?  Maybe share your ideas
> to chicken-meisters, so we can discuss?

I have no specific idea. Perhaps a document that describes the steps.


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