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#1815: (chicken irregex): Use condition kinds

From: Chicken Trac
Subject: #1815: (chicken irregex): Use condition kinds
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2023 18:59:18 -0000

#1815: (chicken irregex): Use condition kinds
            Reporter:  Zipheir  |       Type:  defect
              Status:  new      |   Priority:  major
           Milestone:  someday  |  Component:  core libraries
             Version:  5.3.0    |   Keywords:  irregex exceptions
Estimated difficulty:           |
 The (chicken irregex) module should raise conditions with kinds. It's hard
 to handle exceptions automatically without them. For example, 'irregex'
 raises an exception when called with a syntactically-invalid regular
 expression or with an object of the wrong type (say, a vector). The only
 way to tell which of these problems occurred is through a nasty kluge:
 examining the condition's message. It should instead raise a condition
 with kind '(exn type)' for the type error (like the rest of CHICKEN's core
 forms) and with kind '(exn irregex)' (e.g.) for the regular expression
 syntax error.

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