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Re: #1374: `display' issue with UTF-8

From: Chicken Trac
Subject: Re: #1374: `display' issue with UTF-8
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2021 08:25:51 -0000

#1374: `display' issue with UTF-8
            Reporter:  Mario         |      Owner:  (none)
  Domenech Goulart                   |
                Type:  defect        |     Status:  new
            Priority:  major         |  Milestone:  5.4
           Component:  core          |    Version:  4.12.0
  libraries                          |   Keywords:  display, ##sys#print,
          Resolution:                |  utf8
Estimated difficulty:  hard          |
Changes (by sjamaan):

 * milestone:  someday => 5.4


 The problem seems to be that the utf8 egg redefines `display` as a
 procedure which special-cases characters, but hands off displaying of
 nested structures to the built-in `display`, which then messes up.

 The built-in `display` uses `outchr` which calls the port's `write-char`
 procedure, which for regular file-based ports is defined as
 `C_display_char` which uses `C_fputc`.

 Perhaps one of these should be changed analogously to
 `##sys#char->utf8-string` so that we're not calling `putc` directly on
 wide characters? I think it might be good to do that at the lowest level
 possible (i.e., either `C_display_char` or `write-char`)

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