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[Chicken-janitors] #1644: Add declaration to emit types file

From: Chicken Trac
Subject: [Chicken-janitors] #1644: Add declaration to emit types file
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2019 06:50:29 -0000

#1644: Add declaration to emit types file
            Reporter:  sjamaan  |       Type:  enhancement
              Status:  new      |   Priority:  minor
           Milestone:  5.2      |  Component:  compiler
             Version:  5.1.0    |   Keywords:  types, declarations
Estimated difficulty:  easy     |
 Marco Maggi [[
 users/2019-08/msg00024.html|brought this up]] on the mailing list: it
 would be nice to have a declaration as well as a compiler option to
 determine a types file to write.

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