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[Chicken-janitors] Re: #458: Chicken can't profile itself

From: Chicken Trac
Subject: [Chicken-janitors] Re: #458: Chicken can't profile itself
Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2011 10:09:07 -0000

#458: Chicken can't profile itself
  Reporter:  sjamaan   |       Owner:                                      
      Type:  defect    |      Status:  reopened                            
  Priority:  major     |   Milestone:  4.7.0                               
 Component:  compiler  |     Version:  4.6.x                               
Resolution:            |    Keywords:  expander, profiler, self-compilation

Comment(by felix):

 (Sorry, I didn't notice this)

 What is it exactly, you want to profile. Profiling the runtime system is a
 little bit of an icky thing in general. Is there a particular unit that
 you'd like get profiled?

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