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[Chicken-janitors] chicken-eggs-post-commit (problem)

From: mario
Subject: [Chicken-janitors] chicken-eggs-post-commit (problem)
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2009 00:17:48 -0300

=================================== Tue Mar 10 00:12:03 2009
svn: Working copy '.' locked
svn: run 'svn cleanup' to remove locks (type 'svn help cleanup' for details)
Updating the repository failed.
running post-commit-tasks...
(post-commit) Finished.
Previously latest revision is 13622
Changes for egg release/3/egg-post-commit:

Changed eggs:
(("3" . "egg-post-commit"))
Building egg list...
foof-loop svnwiki-weblog interp1d lazy-ffi osprocess packedobjects 
svnwiki-upload protobj rb-tree input-parse varsubst wt-tree date-literals 
format-textdiff svnwiki-scheme misc-extn extended-cond svnwiki-rating numspell 
uri-literals plurals lazy-ssax readline svnwiki-metadata content-type 
regex-literals svnwiki-nowiki job-worker tabexpand tinyclos softscheme 
object-apply loopy-loop crypto-tools format-graph postgresql scsh-regexp 
predicate-calculus svnwiki-translations endian-port http-fs defstruct 
currency-converter bit-cat spiffy-utils proplist format-modular openssl 
probdist message-digest lightning random-test riaxpander scheme-dissect 
atlas-lapack stream-httplog procedure-surface srfi-4-utils stream-flash 
metaphone xxexpr packrat memcached levenshtein topological-sort javahack wmiirc 
numbers testbase-driver gsl-srfi-27 svnwiki-tags svnwiki-math svnwiki-mail 
stacktor ugarit stream-sections sxml-transforms webdav-client sparse-vectors 
r6rs-libraries stalin sendfile sqlora sqlite spread spiffy socket 
svnwiki-edit-question aquaterm runcmd stream-ext stream-cgi match-action rlimit 
testbase-results icalendar ripemd selenium rgraph sqlite3-tinyclos rfc822 
args-doc nnweave svnwiki-progress pmatch svnwiki-links graph-ssa graph-scc 
graph-dfs graph-bfs svnwiki-image orders opengl openal npdiff octave oblist 
freetype test-infrastructure mistie meroon egg-post-commit filesystem 
lirc-client lognum locale matpak unix-sockets macosx libsvm futures lexmod 
lexgen q-lang alexpander tokyocabinet kanren hostinfo ftl-peg versions inline 
imlib2 sqlite3-records generator array-lib hashes fspath gettext format 
random-mtzig suspension pipeline ncurses ezxdisp daemon-tools free-gettext 
modules remote-mailbox nbstdin eggdoc dollar crypt3 unicode-normalization 
crunch cookie coerce eggdoc-svnwiki chasen web-scheme salmonella simple-macros 
base64 statvfs mat5-lib stream-parser svnwiki-enscript raw-sockets 
embedded-test svnwiki-archives advice contracts stringprep gtk2-gobject 
irnc-base meta-setup srfi-95 srfi-89 srfi-85 srfi-67 srfi-66
fi-60 srfi-57 srfi-47 srfi-45 srfi-42 srfi-41 srfi-40 srfi-38 srfi-37 srfi-34 
srfi-29 srfi-27 srfi-25 srfi-19 uuid-ossp caketext sqlite3 remote-repl 
defun-cond testeez tagged-begin unix-test soundex eggdoc-texinfo matchable 
svnwiki-contributor metakit filepath operations sockets regex-case testbase 
estraier generalised-case stream-htpasswd nest-tool codewalk logging phoghorn 
sql-null srfi-4-comprehensions formular pairing-heap syntax-case 
procedure-decoration graph-dominators matcher dyn-vector mailbox charplot 
fastcgi charconv kvlists svnwiki-discuss grobner-basis php-s11n simplify 
directfb stream-wiki autoload stream-ldif http-server-form-posts stream-base64 
sxml-templates graph-separators web-unity plist-utils date-info mpd-client 
eformat schelog svnwiki-folksonomy syntactic-closures miscmacros 
strictly-pretty gtk2-glade sandbox htmlprag sxml-tools F-operator cgi-util 
sxml-match doctype regex-extras svn-client yasos easyffi treap synch stack 
slang silex sigma sedna sassy pyffi patch mysql mpeg3 modds mathh magic ioctl 
matrix-utils iconv geoip expat files crypt crc16 check cairo aalib uuid-lib 
unitconv uri-namespaces prometheus datatype environments disjoint-sets 
svnwiki-chicken vector-lib dissector svnwiki-extensions PS-tk digraph 
html-stream graph-cycles http-session html-plots rfc3339 http-auth records 
svn-post-commit-hooks binary-parse bloom-filter random-swb xml-rpc lookup-table 
tiger-hash complex structures remote-launch tcp-server uri-generic xosd xlib 
utf8 tool stty ssax test soap tcp6 smtp sha2 sha1 sfio sfht scgi sbky pop3 qdbm 
peep pcap objc nemo lzma mole s11n mime loop logo mayo mapm make lalr json iset 
japi http honu idna gtk2 glut hart glpk glfw fpio fpfz gdbm epeg eopl dpfw curl 
dict dbus blas asxt args ajax SO31 html-form fancypants xmi url uri vfs udp sql 
tcc tar rss rpc sdl pty ppi pos ode mpi lua man md5 jni irc gmp ftp ftl fps gdb 
fmt dns csv crc box awk amb aes z3 sx tk qt fp g2 bb c3 9p (437)
Reading meta-information...
generating version file (1.10) ...
((egg "egg-post-commit.egg")
 (synopsis "Maintenance tool for egg repository management and upload")
 (needs syntax-case
 (category misc)
 (license "BSD")
 (author "felix winkelmann")
 (files "egg-post-commit.setup" "egg-post-commit.scm" "egg-post-commit.html"))
wiki page missing: egg-post-commit
Creating egg...
tar: egg-post-commit.html: Cannot stat: No such file or directory
tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors
Error: shell invocation failed with non-zero return status
"D=`pwd`; cd \"egg-post-commit/tags/1.10\"; tar cfz \"$D/egg-post-commit.egg\" 

        Call history:

        print-call-chain                        <--
egg-post-commit failed with exit-status 256

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