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[Chicken-hackers] some patches for scheduler and srfi-18

From: Jörg F . Wittenberger
Subject: [Chicken-hackers] some patches for scheduler and srfi-18
Date: 19 Dec 2018 14:03:19 +0100

Hi all,

attached several patches I owe you.

Patches 0001-0004 should apply on chicken 4.13, i.e. 68eeaaef3fc.

Patches 0005 and 0006 are against master (9f55823852).

Patches 0007 and 0008 are against srfi-18 egg source.

0002 - Fix 1564: This establishes the invariant that slot #11, the
blocking object and thread being in the relevant blocking queue are
always in sync.  This eases reasoning about the code and fixes the
bug.  Added advantage: Having a single spot to clear blocking objects
might allow eggs to introduce additional objects to block on.

0003 - Test case regarding abandoned mutex handling: This warrents
doube checking wrt. srfi-18.  The test checks for my understanding of
srfi-18 and fails without 0004 applied.

0004- Change abandoned mutexs state according to srfi-18: This passes
the test cases added by 0003.  Additionally it establishes a similar
invariant as 0002 wrt. slot #4 and the timeout queue.  Contains
consistency checks to be phased out after testing.



Attachment: 0001-Add-test-case-catching-1564-almost-for-sure.patch
Description: 0001-Add-test-case-catching-1564-almost-for-sure.patch

Attachment: 0002-Fix-1564-internal-scheduler-error.patch
Description: 0002-Fix-1564-internal-scheduler-error.patch

Attachment: 0003-Add-test-case-for-properly-abondons-of-mutexs.patch
Description: 0003-Add-test-case-for-properly-abondons-of-mutexs.patch

Attachment: 0004-Change-abandoned-mutexs-state-according-to-srfi-18.patch
Description: 0004-Change-abandoned-mutexs-state-according-to-srfi-18.patch

Attachment: 0005-Fix-1564-internal-scheduler-error.patch
Description: 0005-Fix-1564-internal-scheduler-error.patch

Attachment: 0006-Modifiy-internals-to-line-up-with-fixes-in-srfi-18.patch
Description: 0006-Modifiy-internals-to-line-up-with-fixes-in-srfi-18.patch

Attachment: 0007-Add-test-cases-and-make-test-effective.patch
Description: 0007-Add-test-cases-and-make-test-effective.patch

Attachment: 0008-Change-abandoned-mutexs-state-according-to-srfi-18.patch
Description: 0008-Change-abandoned-mutexs-state-according-to-srfi-18.patch

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