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[Chicken-hackers] Bare minimum of work to get Chicken linking under nati

From: Joshua Robbins
Subject: [Chicken-hackers] Bare minimum of work to get Chicken linking under native Windows
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2018 09:57:33 -0500
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Chicken may not build under native Windows, but it builds under MinGW just fine, and the libraries produced by building chicken under MinGW can be linked to in non-MinGW-built applications. I have a large C application that builds under native Windows, and I'd like to use Chicken in it. I can successfully take libchicken.a and convert it to a .lib file, but there is still one problem with this, however, and it's the header files.

You can link to Chicken just fine, but the header files themselves depend on a sufficiently POSIX-like environment to run. For example, unistd.h isn't there at all. The simplest solution I can think of is to make shim header files that include declarations Chicken needs (and nothing else, since MinGW has already taken care of the implementations for us).

If I do make these shim header files, would you all be interested in having this be a part of Chicken somehow, perhaps as a new platform in the makefile? Or would it be better to modify chicken.h directly, if I would contribute at all?

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