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Re: [Chicken-hackers] About (chicken process) and (chicken process-conte

From: Peter Bex
Subject: Re: [Chicken-hackers] About (chicken process) and (chicken process-context)
Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2017 15:08:24 +0200
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On Sat, May 13, 2017 at 01:39:36PM +0200, Peter Bex wrote:
> On Wed, May 10, 2017 at 11:22:46AM +0200, address@hidden wrote:
> [about moving some procedures to chicken.process-context and making the
>  posix module's API identical between Windows and UNIX]
> > >
> > > What do you all think?
> > 
> > Yep, makes sense to me.
> Attached are two patches that make it so.
> I also noticed the various spawn/* definitions weren't exported on
> UNIX either.  The open/noinherit wasn't exported there either.

Could someone please take a look at this?


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