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[Chicken-hackers] Build failure for Chicken from Git master

From: Dirk Ullrich
Subject: [Chicken-hackers] Build failure for Chicken from Git master
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2012 13:17:32 +0200


I am unable to build Chicken from Git master on a Linux x86_64 system
with a Chicken 4.7.0 installed.
After checking out Git master I issued a

make PLATFORM=linux

in my local tree, and I get the error:

chicken setup-api.scm -optimize-level 2 -include-path . -include-path
./ -inli -ignore-repository -feature chicken-bootstrap -no-warnings
-specialize -types/types.db   -feature chicken-compile-shared -dynamic
-emit-import-library setuapi \
          -output-file setup-api.c

Warning: invalid compiler option (gnored): "-specialize"

Syntax error (import): cannot import from undefined module


        Expansion history:

        <syntax>          (##core#begin (module setup-api ((run
execute) compi standard-extension make make/proc host-extens......
        <syntax>          (module setup-api ((run execute) compile
standard-exnsion make make/proc host-extension install-ex......
        <syntax>          (##core#module setup-api ((run execute)
compile stanrd-extension make make/proc host-extension ins......
        <syntax>          (import scheme chicken foreign irregex utils
posix pts extras data-structures srfi-1 srfi-13 files......    <--

Actually I've tried two Linux systems: a Arch Linux x86_64
installation, and a Debian unstable x86_64 system. Both give the same
error described above.


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