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Re: [Chicken-hackers] Distributed egg repo proposal

From: Imran Rafique
Subject: Re: [Chicken-hackers] Distributed egg repo proposal
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2011 08:59:10 +0000

>> Imran said:
>> Why a local tree? Because this makes it easier to overlay a personal
>> tree on top. In ~/.chicken-install, I can define a local overlay to be
>> applied on top of the official tree. I can pop my new egg recipes in
>> this local tree, and try them out, before submitting them upstream.
> Felix said:
> When mixing trees that way, how do you ensure the combination of them
> is consistent?

The global tree. I can't write to this.

    + networking/
      + zmq/
        + recipe-zmq-1.0
        + recipe-zmq-2.0
        + patches/

I want to add some of my own changes to zmq, which haven't been
accepted upstream by the zmq egg authors yet - but I need them for my
locally deployed chicken scheme codebase. I want to use the benefits
of the egg infrastructure for deploying this modified zmq lib locally
(possibly across multiple machines)

The local tree is empty, and I just add the following:

    + networking/
      + zmq/
        + recipe-zmq-2.0.1
        + patches/
          + my-changes-1
          + my-changes-2

If I run `chicken-install zmq-1.0` or `chicken-install zmq-2.0`, then
chicken-install finds the recipes for these in the global tree, so it
ignores the local tree *entirely*.

If I run `chicken-install zmq-2.0.1`, then chicken-install doesn't
find any matching recipes in the global tree, so it looks in the local
tree before throwing an error. It finds a recipe for zmq-2.0.1, so it
procedes to use the local tree. For patches, it looks in the
local_tree/networking/zmq/patches , and then also in
global_tree/networking/zmq/patches (so you can avoid needlessly
duplicating some patches from the global tree that you might still be
using). Or we can just use the patches/ dir from the tree we're using,
if that makes things clearer.

       Imran Rafique

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