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Re: [certi-dev] Comments regarding hla 1.3 imlpementation in Certi 3.4

From: Eric Noulard
Subject: Re: [certi-dev] Comments regarding hla 1.3 imlpementation in Certi 3.4
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2011 11:39:44 +0200

2011/7/20 Eric Noulard <address@hidden>:
> 2011/7/20 Jean-Philippe Lebel <address@hidden>:
>> In the Exception class, you added a new function "virtual long getType()=0"
>> which is not defined in the original standard.
> Right, I think this can be safely removed.
> I'll do that soon.

Done in CVS HEAD.
You may give it a try however we added another method
"displayMe()" which enables CERTI to easily trace every launched exception
(debug purpose) I may try to remove it from the public API as well
but it'll take me some more time since we really want to keep the feature.

>> Also, the Windows build generates RTI-NG.dll and FedTime.dll but I think the
>> standard defines them as libRTI-NG.dll and libFedTime.dll
> I'll check the DLC document but you may change that by either:

DLC 1.3 document does not say that?
Which "document" are you refering to?

In fact I think we are not speaking of being DLC 1.3
but being compatible with latest RTIG-NGv6
and Pitch/MAK/Portico/.... 1.3 API right?

I don't know for RTIG-NBv6 nor Pitch or Mak since
I don't have them. but Portico NG6 compatible libs
are built with the "lib" prefix on windows as well.

> set(CMAKE_SHARED_LIBRARY_PREFIX "lib") in the main CMakeList.txt
> and then all generated DLL will be prefixed with "lib".
> or do it only for RTI-NG and FedTime within libRTI/CMakeLists.txt

I did add a CMake OPTION:


which may be set to ON in order to produce libRTI-NG.dll and libFedTime.dll
instead of RTI-NG.dll and FedTime.dll.

The default value of this option is OFF for backward compaitibility.
I may change the default values if someone here can confirm that;

The windows version of
- RTI-NGv6
- Pitch 1.3
- MAK 1.3

use this naming scheme as well.

In the meantime one can test the feature using CVS version.

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