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Re: [certi-dev] PyHLA compliant with python 3+

From: Charles Lesire-Cabaniols
Subject: Re: [certi-dev] PyHLA compliant with python 3+
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2011 09:52:53 +0200
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On 15/06/2011 09:48, Gotthard, Petr wrote:
Hi Charles,

I will do it. I already started and the biggest issue seems to be keeping 
compatibility with python 2.x, so it will take me few days.

Ok, great news! Thanks Petr.

I had a quick look at it, and most problems seem to come from the C code. Then using
... code for python3 ...
... code for python2 ...

should solve the compatibility issue in C files.

Will you be able to compile it yourself, or will you need a binary package?

I compile it myself from sources.


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Subject: [certi-dev] PyHLA compliant with python 3+


I am involved in the development of a robotic simulator, Morse
I want to provide a distributed simulation framework for Morse, based on
the CERTI.

Morse is built over Blender, mostly through python scripts.

Last versions of Blender use python3, and I then need a python3
compliant HLA library.

Unfortunately, PyHLA does not compile towards python3.1.

Has anyone already tried to port PyHLA to python3?
Does anyone want to help/contribute?



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