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Re: [certi-dev] CERTI-Devel Digest, Vol 61, Issue 3

From: LiuPeng
Subject: Re: [certi-dev] CERTI-Devel Digest, Vol 61, Issue 3
Date: Tue, 24 May 2011 00:49:52 +0000

Hi Eric,
Thank you very much. I think the problem has been solved. The point must be the path for bison/flex/m4. But I have not yet
experience, becase I am a little busy.^_^
Thank you for your attention.


> Hi Rickey,
> No ones dare answering your question yet.
> I'll try to help but I'm not a windows user so we will have to seek
> solution together.
> You did say that you are using 64bit windows but which
> version of Windows are you using? XP, Vista, Seven ?
> Your VS 2010 is it the "express" (free) edition or regular one?
> The "normal" build process for CERTI on windows is described here:
> http://www.nongnu.org/certi/certi_doc/Install/html/index.html
> but I bet that this is what you followed.
> I know that some of us did experienced problem with bison/flex/m4
> https://savannah.nongnu.org/bugs/index.php?26044
> but it should have been resolved for 3.4.0.
> Could you give us more detail:
> 0) you said "I followed the installation instructions,which is
> by Doxygen, and the m4 isn't successful."
> What do you mean "m4" installation did go wrong or
> you get m4 errors when trying to build CERTI ?
> 1) Which precise version of Windows+Visual Studio are you using
> 2) Does the error occurs when running CMake or when building
> In either case could you give us a snapshot of teh error you get?
> 3) try to read
> https://savannah.nongnu.org/bugs/index.php?26044
> in order to see whether if your problem looks similar or not.
> --
> Erk
> Membre de l'April - ? promouvoir et d?fendre le logiciel libre ? -
> http://www.april.org

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