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Re: RE: [certi-dev] certi 3.3.2 (VS) failing

From: Eric Noulard
Subject: Re: RE: [certi-dev] certi 3.3.2 (VS) failing
Date: Wed, 27 May 2009 14:59:25 +0200

2009/5/27 Michael Raab <address@hidden>:
> Dear Petr, Dear Eric,
> i just wanted to report this "bug".
> Btw, i have msvc8 installed, but the certi build would need msvc9 libs. ;-)

That's pretty much what I think about binary release,
they are almost useless in our cases.

I've uploaded a Release Build
(beware that since dl area is mirrored it may
 takes some times to appear on yours).

My personal thought about that kind of issue is:
since using CERTI  requires C++ compiler
(until we get a huge amount of PyHLA users :-)
for the development I'd rather put some effort
to make the CERTI build as easy as it can be, than building the
whole set of possible compiler-specific binary release.

> I've build CERTI from cvs now, so i think we can stop this discussion here.

Ok fine.
Thank you for reporting, I did file a bug, in order to keep
track of this problem.


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