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[certi-dev] IEEE1516 and Java support question

From: Maxim Gammer
Subject: [certi-dev] IEEE1516 and Java support question
Date: Thu, 14 May 2009 13:24:26 +0600


I wonder if CERTI is going to support Java and IEEE 1516 sometime? If
it was the case, we'd be glad to remake all our programs to use CERTI,
because we like C++ much :)

P.S. Is section "CERTI solutions" going to appear on your site? Where
everybody could see examples of CERTI usage?
P.P.S. We have a DLL and it's source for using with National
Instruments LabVIEW. You could place a link to our page in a section
with Matlab, Python and other builds.
http://cde.tsogu.ru/en_training_systems. If anyone has questions about
it, welcome :)

Maxim Gammer

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