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Re: [certi-dev] Speed of attributes updates beetwen two federates with

From: Eric Noulard
Subject: Re: [certi-dev] Speed of attributes updates beetwen two federates with time managenment enabled
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 2009 11:26:09 +0200

2009/4/8 Максим Гаммер <address@hidden>:
> Hello,
> there are two federates, one is time-regulating and another is ither
> time-constrained or without time management at all. The speed of attribute
> updates is about 15-20 updates per second (100mbit network).

This seems slow, but performance heavily depends on many parameters.
What kind of performance do you seek?

Thus could you gives us more informations:

A) OS Version / Hardware info

- On which OS do you run (Windows, Linux, Solaris etc...,)

- Are your two federates on the same OS or is your simulation "heterogeneous"
  i.e. one on Windows XP 32bits and the other on Linux AMD64 or ...

- Which version of CERTI do you use?
   3.3.0, 3.3.1, CVS etc...
   Did you compiled CERTI yourself? If yes what was the compiler?

- What kind of machine do you use ? (processor, memory, etc...)
   In any case how is the load of the two machines during the test?
   If the load is high then check the amount of
   Message::TICK_REQUEST (see below)

B) Federation information

- What is the lookahead of the time-regulating federate?

- What is the amount of data exchange for each UAV?

- Does the two federates exchange  data i.e.
  one is posting UAV for the other but does the second post UAV
  for the first too?

C) More tests

- Can you run the federation on the same machine?

- Each federates should print out statistics at the end of the run
   would you be able to send us those statistics?
  In particular you should have an amount of
  not too bigger than the amount of

  The number of Message::TICK_REQUEST and
  Message::TICK_REQUEST_NEXT should be in the same
  order (may be twice as big) as NetworkMessage::REFLECT_ATTRIBUTE_VALUES.

  If this is not the case then something may be done to improve performance.

- May be you can send us your test code (2 federates + Fed File) which
  exhibits this performance and we may try to run your federation
  in our context?

> Is it normal or I'm doing somethis wrong?

Cannot tell :-)

I'll be off network for a while, so I may be unable to answer :-(

Either someone else will answer to you (Petr, Pierre, Christian, Martin?)
or I'll come back to you in a week or so.


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