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[CASHeW-s-editor-patches] packages change

From: X F Liu
Subject: [CASHeW-s-editor-patches] packages change
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 22:53:19 +0000
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Hi, Guys
    As u have seen the plugin code I have sent to the "cashews" share directory,
Please change the name of the pachage as our darwin project. Andrew just
reminded me today that I can use the University name as the copyright issue.
Anyone Who use it please help me to change it. Thanks!
    BTW, the eclipse is very good for plugin development, but it sometimes seems
not easy to handle. e.g sometimes it comes up some errors but after you restart
the eclipse all the errors disappeared. As I am not good at using it,I have no
idea why it happened.  One obvious bug in the simple plugin I have made is that
when I run it, there are two pulgin options in it,one of them is the real one,
and the other is a dead one(no response when you  click it) (I am not sure if
this problem happened on your pc, but it happened on mine)
   N.B. this plugin is created under the latest version of eclipse "3.1M" , and
the tutorial which I followed to make it is based on the old version -"2.1"; I
have changed some codes and it came up several warning! 

Best Regards

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