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Re: appending partition results in zero bytes written

From: Thomas Schmitt
Subject: Re: appending partition results in zero bytes written
Date: Tue, 08 Aug 2023 19:42:59 +0200


this mail thread caused several changes in


* Bug fix: -boot_image and -append_partition were not perceived as image
           manipulation which makes production of an ISO image worthwhile.
           Thanks Cameron Seader.

* New -append_partition pseudo partition_number "all" and
  pseudo type_code "revoke"

* New bit1 with API call Xorriso_change_is_pending() issues a note if
  return is 0 and indev and outdev point to different drives

I uploaded a new GNU xorriso development snapshot
  MD5: 2407ef4571ed95702eebf442849f01d5
  Version timestamp :  2023.08.08.114459


The tolerance of -boot_image "replay" towards previously made
-append_partition settings will not be changed. The man page of xorriso
now describes this by
  "Out of historical reasons replay does not  revoke  all  possibly
   made  -append_partition  settings  but only overwrites those for
   which the loaded ISO image provides candidates."

New argument meanings "all" and "revoke" were added to -append_partition
to offer a compact way to revoke all previous -append_partition settings
before -boot_image "replay". The man page now gives as example:
  "-append_partition all revoke -
   -boot_image any replay"

The silence at the end of a xorriso run with no changes pending is
not a bug but a feature.
man xorriso says about command -commit:
  "[...] -commit is performed  automatically  at
   end of program if there are uncommitted manipulations pending."
It would be inappropriate to emit a warning whenever no changes are
pending at program end, because this normally indicates that only
inspection commands were performed and no writing is desired by the user.

I now added a message which is emitted at program end if -indev and
-outdev point to different drives (or image files), no changes are
pending, and no -commit or -print_size commands have happened during the
xorriso run:
  xorriso : NOTE : -indev and -outdev differ. But no pending image 

Have a nice day :)


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