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Re: appending partition results in zero bytes written

From: Cameron Seader
Subject: Re: appending partition results in zero bytes written
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2023 14:55:14 +0000
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You are correct. I just clear/reset the keys and it all works fine. :-)

Thank you,

On 8/4/23 08:28, Thomas Schmitt wrote:
> Hi,
> Cameron Seader wrote:
>> When i use the resulting -outdev i get an error of:
>> Verifying shim SBAT data failed: Security Policy Violation
>> What might be causing this? Any hints?
> Looks like something about UEFI Secure Boot.
> It stays unclear to me whether the EFI firmware or the software in the EFI
> partition issues the message. But the trigger must sit in the partition.
> "shim" is the software which the Linux distros submit to Microsoft for
> digital signing. It starts the boot loader, if all works well.
> "SBAT" probably means "Secure Boot Advanced Targeting":
> https://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/grub/html_node/Secure-Boot-Advanced-Targeting.html
> The error message "Something has gone seriously wrong: SBAT self-check
> failed" lets Google find various complaints of openSUSE users who suddenly
> could not boot from their system disks (possibly after a system upgrade).
> An interesting find is:
>    https://bugzilla.opensuse.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1209985
> Somehow it seems to be about the EFI or the shim seeing traces of an older
> shim ... i guess ...
> The remedy near the end of the thread is to disable Secure Boot, boot, run
> mokutil, reboot, and re-enable Secure Boot.
> Another interesting find is a statement in
> https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Unified_Extensible_Firmware_Interface/Secure_Boot
>    "Since version 15.3, shim will not launch EFI binaries without a valid
>     .sbat section. Run objdump -j .sbat -s /path/to/binary.efi to verify
>     if an EFI binary has it. See the SBAT documentation for details."
> The shim binary should be /EFI/BOOT/BOOTX64.EFI in the FAT filesystem of
> the EFI partition. The GRUB binary to be launched is probably GRUBX64.EFI
> in the same directory.
> Have a nice day :)
> Thomas

Cameron Seader
Director, Technical Sales
+1 208 420 2167


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