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Re: xorriso 1.5.6 build issue

From: Thomas Schmitt
Subject: Re: xorriso 1.5.6 build issue
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2023 08:48:54 +0200


since GNU mirrors do not allow me to overwrite a file and i do not want
to leave more debris there, i uploaded a release candidate only to
sourceforge but not to GNU:


  SHA256 786f9f5df9865cc5b0c1fecee3d2c0f5e04cab8c9a859bd1c9c7ccd4964fdae1

Still unable to reproduce the build time failure, i checked that the
file xorriso-1.5.6/libisofs/rockridge.h of this tarball indeed includes

Rui Chen:
If you are not too annoyed by my clumsiness, please check whether this
attempt really fixes the problem on your system.

In case of success it would be appeasing to my embarrassed mind if you
could also confirm that the content of this tarball compiles too:


  tar xzf libisofs-1.5.6.pl01.tar.gz
  cd libisofs-1.5.6
  ./configure && make

(This is what most GNU/Linux distros use together with libburn and
libisoburn instead of the GNU xorriso tarball.)


It is still unclear why .pl01 did not get the decisive code fix.
I used the same playbook for .pl02 as for .pl01. Now i see the fix in the
resulting tarball.

The best explanation is that i was distracted and forgot to perform the
step which copies rockridge.h from the fixed version of libisofs.
Its timestamp in .pl01 is in line with the other source files, whereas
in .pl02 it is 7 days younger.

I also searched for rockridge.h in the whole file tree of my computer.
None found with matching timestamp. So it is unlikely that i copied it
to the wrong place.

Have a nice day :)


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