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Re: xorriso 1.5.6 build issue

From: Thomas Schmitt
Subject: Re: xorriso 1.5.6 build issue
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2023 17:02:26 +0200


i now uploaded


with <unistd.h> in libisofs/rockridge.h. It unpacks as directory tree
but the resulting binary will report its version as 1.5.6.pl01 .

(Also a new libisofs-1.5.6.pl01.tar.gz was uploaded to libburnia.)

I will probably wait a day or two before announcing the new release.
Curageous users, especially of non-GNU/Linux systems, are invited to
test 1.5.6.pl01 .


The miracle success on the GNU/Linux side is caused by <stdio.h> defining
ssize_t on its own and <stdlib.h> including <sys/types.h>.
So rockridge.h has and all other users of ssize_t have it defined when
they encounter the use of ssize_t.

The problem already occured 7 years ago in libisofs/aaip_0_2.h .
Back then it was solved by the same lines as in the patch by Rui Chen.
(Commit 02de4570 in https://dev.lovelyhq.com/libburnia/libisofs.git)
So i included <unicode.h> as tested solution.

The definition of ssize_t in various .c files was quite indirect and thus
rather feeble. So i included <unistd.h> in the needy files of the
development version 1.5.7.
The current development shapshot was renewed:

Have a nice day :)


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