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Re: File and foloder names all caps

From: Thomas Schmitt
Subject: Re: File and foloder names all caps
Date: Sat, 08 Apr 2023 08:43:56 +0200


sandshark wrote:
> Perhaps it takes care of itself if writing to a USB drive, but I used
> xorriso to create a combined .iso from 3 Debian BluRay disks and ended up
> with an unusable distro because all the file and folder names had been
> converted to upper case. I found that adding the lowercase rule to the
> -compliance rule in line 1119 (so now -compliance no_emul_toc:lowercase)
> fixed it.  The leading dot in .disk was also changed to an underscore, and
> did not find a solution.

-compliance in line 1119 sounds like script text/merge_debian_isos.
"converted to upper case" sounds like Rock Ridge information is not used
when the names get displayed.

What operating system do you use to inspect the resulting ISO ?
The observed effect would be explainable if it is MS-Windows, which does
not care for Rock Ridge. But Debian GNU/Linux should perceive and show the
Rock Ridge names: long and with proper upper/lower case.

So did you try booting the ISO ?
E.g. as virtual CD-ROM of a virtual machine or from USB stick after putting
it there as plain copy as prescribed by

What do your get from this xorriso run ?
  xorriso -indev ...insert.ISO.image.file.address.here... -ls --

I expect that you see names like
If so, then the ISO should be usable for booting and installing Debian.

If you want to see the mixed case names on MS-Windows, then insert command
  -joliet on \
in the xorriso command list at line 1118, so that it looks like
  -stream_recording on \
  -joliet on \
  -compliance no_emul_toc

Have a nice day :)


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