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Disabling case modification the Volume Descriptor fields...

From: Tom Lisjac
Subject: Disabling case modification the Volume Descriptor fields...
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2021 07:40:08 -0400 (EDT)

Is there a way to completely disable case modification in the Volume Descriptor fields? For example, the Publisher Identifier field is supposed to be a strA that allows mixed case, but I'm getting the following instead of everything in lower case as written:

A5AB447D5FAA056931D0EA373A674812 DVD-RW.DAT

This is causing some of the routines that expect unmodified data in these fields to fail. Here's the command line where I was hoping the bolded -ecma119 and -compliance rules might change the case folding behavior:

xorriso -dev /dev/sr0 -joliet on -ecma119_map unmapped -compliance untranslated_names -publisher text -volset_id text -application_id text ... etc \
-speed $DVDSPEED -blank as_needed -fs 8m -padding 0 -map $WORKDIR/$MEDIADIR / -commit_eject all -end

Any suggestions would be appreciated.




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