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Re: [Bug-xorriso] building libisofs-1.4.4, libburn-1.4.4, libisoburn-1.4

From: SASANO Takayoshi
Subject: Re: [Bug-xorriso] building libisofs-1.4.4, libburn-1.4.4, libisoburn-1.4.4 on OpenBSD
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2016 06:16:49 +0900
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> Do you see a chance to test the drive on a system with Linux kernel ?
> (A successful run of xorriso blanking run on CD-RW, or a successful
>  cdrecord burn run on a fast blanked DVD-RW would prove that the drive
>  is ok.)
> Do you have a possibility to try a different drive with OpenBSD ?

Previously I tested xorriso/cdrecord wirh LG BH14NS48 Blu-Ray drive,
it connected to ASRock A75 Pro4/MVP mainboard.
Now this time I use LITE-ON's iHAS524-B DVD drive with ASRock A75 Pro4
board based machine. These machines use same chipset, we can treat
simply using different optical drive.

I made two bootable USB sticks, one is installed OpenBSD-5.9/amd64 and
the other Debian-8.5/amd64. I tested xorriso/wodim(not cdrecord) on them.
Testing xorriso on Linux, I set -use_immed_bit off because wodim does not
use the bit as default (if you want to test with -use_immed_bit on, please
tell me).

And, I tested both AHCI/PCI-IDE connection.

Log is here,


It contains eight logs.

  |-- linux
  |   |-- ahci-linux-cdrw.log           xorriso/Linux/AHCI: works good
  |   |-- ahci-linux-wodim-vv.log       wodim/Linux/AHCI: works good
  |   |-- pciide-linux-cdrw.log         xorriso/Linux/PCI-IDE: works good
  |   `-- pciide-linux-wodim-vv.log     wodim/Linux/PCI-IDE: works good
  `-- openbsd
      |-- ahci-cdrecord-vv-2.log        cdrecord/OpenBSD/AHCI: not working
      |-- ahci-cdrw-2.log               xorriso/OpenBSD/AHCI: not working
      |-- pciide-cdrecord-vv-2.log      cdrecord/OpenBSD/PCI-IDE: works good
      `-- pciide-cdrw-2.log             xorriso/OpenBSD/PCI-IDE: not working

BH14NS48 drive could write CD-RW media, but iHAS524-B could not.
So I skipped the test with DVD-RW media.

The log of xorriso/OpenBSD/PCI-IDE combination is truncated because system
was hanged up after writing (executing SYNCHRONIZE CACHE command or
something, I have to check details).

Sorry for late reply.
SASANO Takayoshi <address@hidden>

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