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Re: [Bug-xorriso] driver and disc ID acquiring, hidden track

From: Ri-Ping YU
Subject: Re: [Bug-xorriso] driver and disc ID acquiring, hidden track
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2015 16:55:33 +0800

Thanks a lot for your timely and warmly supporting!
But before making use of the Serial Number of the drives and the media I must find one method to write some invisible, inaccessible or unduplicated content into the disc.
These days I have been browsing information in Google Patents, and find some possibly valuable items.
1. Writing some contents into the region on the disc that can not be written under normal conditions, so the content in this region can not be written into the copied media;
2. Insert flags that cannot be duplicated directly, so the copied media will not include these flags;
But I don't know how to implement one of these methods, and how libburnia support it.
Expecting your further guidance.
Thanks a lot!

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