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Re: [Bug-xorriso] bug with handling symbolic links?

From: Thomas Schmitt
Subject: Re: [Bug-xorriso] bug with handling symbolic links?
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2015 12:10:01 +0100


the problem is not specific to BTRFS. I can reproduce it
by an ISO generated from ext3.

The kernel obviously complains that a Rock Ridge
Continuation Area crosses a block boundary.
/usr/src/linux-*/fs/isofs/rock.c :

        int blocksize = 1 << rs->inode->i_blkbits;
        if ((unsigned)rs->cont_offset > blocksize - min_de_size ||
            (unsigned)rs->cont_size > blocksize ||
            (unsigned)(rs->cont_offset + rs->cont_size) > blocksize) {
                printk(KERN_NOTICE "rock: corrupted directory entry. "
                        "extent=%d, offset=%d, size=%d\n",
                        rs->cont_extent, rs->cont_offset, rs->cont_size);
                ret = -EIO;
                goto out;

This throws for example

  Feb 16 10:57:56 ts5 kernel: rock: corrupted directory entry. extent=85, 
offset=1990, size=95

because (unsigned)(rs->cont_offset + rs->cont_size) > blocksize
where blocksize is 2048.

I cannot find this restriction in the SUSP specs about the
Continuation Area.
The CE entry format allows 32 bit numbers in rs->cont_offset
and rs->cont_size. If there was a restriction to the size
of a single block, then 16 bit would have been sufficient.

libisofs allocates a single extent for all Continuation Areas
in a directory. The directory /certs contains lots of links
with long names. These names fill more than one block.


If this preliminary diagnosis is right, then the recorded data
are not damaged and can be retrieved by xorriso commands
  -osirrox on -extract /certs $HOME/copy_of_certs

Nevertheless, it is the goal of libisofs (and xorriso) to produce
Linux-mountable ISOs. So i will have to change libisofs to fulfill
the (probably incorrect) expectations of Linux.

Have a nice day :)


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