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Re: [Bug-xorriso] About run xorriso under Win32

From: gary jiang
Subject: Re: [Bug-xorriso] About run xorriso under Win32
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2014 11:28:05 +0800
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Hi Thomas,

Sorry for later reply, I am still have trouble to install latest Cygwin from
On 2014/11/22 19:32, Thomas Schmitt wrote:

the comparison of your files isolinux.bin and isolinux-xorriso.bin
shows that we suffer indeed from reading in text mode.
I can convert isolinux.bin to isolinux-xorriso.bin by replacing
all CarriageReturn+LineFeed byte pairs by single LineFeeds.

So we need to force binary mode for all read and write operations
of xorriso.
This means we should investigate why the experiment with
-lbinmode did not yield success.

Let's try the way of autotools:

   export LDFLAGS=-lbinmode
   make clean
   ./configure ...your.arguments.if.any...
The above change seems also can't generate iso successfully.
Then retry the xorriso run with -boot-info-table and all.

With the below change, then xorriso can generate iso well, however
the iso can't boot bios-machine or uefi-machine.
If this fails, then try to enforce binary mode in the
call lfs_open():
--- libisofs/fs_local.c 2014-11-20 12:15:35 +0000
+++ libisofs/fs_local.c 2014-11-22 11:22:27 +0000
@@ -222,7 +222,7 @@
          data->info.dir = opendir(path);
          data->openned = data->info.dir ? 2 : 0;
      } else {
-        data->info.fd = open(path, O_RDONLY);
+        data->info.fd = open(path, O_RDONLY | O_BINARY);
          data->openned = data->info.fd != -1 ? 1 : 0;

Then make and re-run xorriso.

In case of success this will need to be done with several
other open(2) calls. Further i need to define O_BINARY as 0,
if it is not defined by the system headers.

Compile time woes:

I got the output about "whatis timezone" as follows:
type = <text variable, no debug info>
This seems to be gdb's way to describe a function symbol.
I get the same when inquiring "whatis read".

Meanwhile i am testing a ./configure feature which will
detect non-integer or undefined "timezone" symbols and
replace their two occurences by 0.

But actually i'd like to see some documentation of the
obscure timezone() function. Maybe it is usable.


... and when this all is finally working, we need to explore EFI.

Thanks & Regards,
Have a nice day :)


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