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Re: [Bug-xorriso] Adding files to an ISO image

From: Thomas Schmitt
Subject: Re: [Bug-xorriso] Adding files to an ISO image
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2014 09:55:30 +0100


> I tried this on my Debian Squeeze system with xorriso version
> 0.5.6.pl00-2 and looks like new ISO is working perfectly and my
> added files are readable.

Cough ... 0.5.6 is somewhat dusty meanwhile. In two days it will
be six years old.

My copy complains about the following unknown -as mkisofs options:

As a consequence the resulting ISO is bootable only via BIOS
resp. "legacy emulation" of UEFI. The image is ready for CD/DVD
and for USB-Stick:

  El Torito catalog  : 193219  1
  El Torito cat path : /boot/isolinux/boot.cat
  El Torito images   :   N  Pltf  B   Emul  Ld_seg  Hdpt  Ldsiz         LBA
  El Torito boot img :   1  BIOS  y   none  0x0000  0x00      4      181540
  El Torito img path :   1  /boot/isolinux/isolinux.bin
  El Torito img opts :   1  boot-info-table isohybrid-suitable
  System area options: 0x00000102
  System area summary: MBR isohybrid cyl-align-on
  ISO image size/512 : 772888
  Partition offset   : 0
  MBR heads per cyl  : 64
  MBR secs per head  : 32
  MBR partition table:   N Status  Type        Start       Blocks
  MBR partition      :   1   0x80  0x17            0       774144

If you encounter the need to boot via UEFI, then get
and do
  tar xzf xorriso-1.3.8.tar.gz
  cd xorriso-1.3.8
  ./configure --prefix=/usr
Afterwards you may run xorriso without installation by absolute
or relative paths. E.g. if you did above in your $HOME directory,

  "$HOME"/xorriso-1.3.8/xorriso/xorriso -version

This version of xorriso will allow you to inspect the boot
equipment of your resulting ISOs:

  "$HOME"/xorriso-1.3.8/xorriso/xorriso \
     -indev test_redone.iso \
     -report_el_torito plain \
     -report_system_area plain

The meaning of the output lines is (roughly) explained by

   "$HOME"/xorriso-1.3.8/xorriso/xorriso \
     -report_el_torito help \
     -report_system_area help

Some technical background info is given in
Introductions to particular technical terms might be found in
wikipedia or wiki.osdev.org. (Your mileage may vary.)

I hope to release before end of the year a version which will
make it more easy to preserve and to manipulate boot equipment.
There is still a lot of testing and detail work to do.

Have a nice day :)


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