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[Bug-xorriso] Re: Portability issues of xorriso on Solaris 9

From: Thomas Schmitt
Subject: [Bug-xorriso] Re: Portability issues of xorriso on Solaris 9
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2011 18:24:14 +0100


> What are your plans regarding setenv? Will you be looking at GNULib?
> We have a short intro at
>   http://wiki.opencsw.org/adding-gnulib

If i go that way then i have to ponder about the potential pitfalls.

> As xorriso is a user requested package I would like to package up an
> official version as soon as possible :-)

I have real-life plans for tonight. So probably it will last one
or two days until i made up my mind.

How about you fix problem 3 in your copy of xorriso-1.0.0 sources
by replacing the offending functions with putenv() ?
   #ifdef __sun
       ...your solution...
       ...existing not so portable call...

(This is one of my current solution candidates anyway.)

As for problem 1, your patch would be ok with "HAVE" rather than "HAVA".
For problem 2 i plan this:

  static int fifo_sleep(int flag)
          static unsigned long sleeptime = 50000; /* 50 ms */

          return 0;

Currently it looks like this function is not called in GNU xorriso.
It belongs to the libburn fifo, whereas xorriso uses the fifo
implementation of libisofs.

> If you need access to the OpenCSW buildfarm equipped with several versions
> of Solaris and a variety of compilers just let me know. Rocky is already
> using the farm for compatibility checks :-)

That would be helpful.
I'll get back to your offer when i did my homework in the code.

Have a nice day :)


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