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RE[2]: 4.9.1 + gnuchess doesn't work

From: h . g . muller
Subject: RE[2]: 4.9.1 + gnuchess doesn't work
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2020 11:12:19 +0000

Modern engines are supposed to reply "feature done=1" to XBoard's "protover 2" command. XBoard allows 10 sec for that reply to come, to give the engine some time to initialize before replying, and only continues once it is convinced no reply is forthcoming. GNU Chess only complains that it is an "Invalid move" through a non-compliant error message.

It seems that XBoard works fine here: it sends your second move (d4d5) to GNU Chess.

GNU Chess, however, then doesn't start thinking, but instead prints an error message:
    stty: 'standard input': Inappropriate ioctl for device

So obviously something is wrong in GNU Chess. It is not moving while it should, and XBoard is just waiting for the move.

Op za., nov. 14, 2020 om 00:15, Fr Ml <fr_ml@t-online.de> schreef:
I have gnuchess 6.2.7
- The command: `xboard -debug`
- The debug file is attached.
According to the message line "starting chess engine"  about 10 seconds.

What I've now noticed: Strangely if I repeat the command several times XBoard works sometimes correctly, maybe every third or fourth try.

On 11/13/20 11:02 AM, h.g.muller@hccnet.nl wrote:
Well, if XBoard 4.9.1 does work with other engines, then this seems a GNU Chess problem,
and you should ask the GNU Chess developers to fix it.

I have no archlinx system, and even if I had, there would not be much chance that I could
reproduce and investigate what you report if you don't specify exactly what you are doing.
Which version of GNU Chess are you running, for instance? GNU Chess 4, 5 or 6? And what
command did you use to launch XBoard?

If you suspect XBoard might be at fault, the least you should do is us the xboard.debug
file of a run where the problem occurred, by running XBoard with the additional option
-debug . So that we can see what went on between XBoard and the engine.

Op do., nov. 12, 2020 om 23:46, Fr Ml <fr_ml@t-online.de> schreef:

Xboard 4.9.1 doesn't work with gnuchess (archlinx machine).
If I'm white, it just makes on move and then after my second move it does nothing.


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