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Re: How to suppress the window WinBoard Startup.

From: h . g . muller
Subject: Re: How to suppress the window WinBoard Startup.
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2019 17:27:30 +0100
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Op Di, 10 december, 2019 12:56 pm schreef address@hidden:
> Hey.
> How to suppress the window "WinBoard Startup".
> I want to start WinBoard with option: "just the viewer or edit game files"
>  --
> Jakub Zalewski

You can make a Windows shortcut that uses the command

winboard.exe -ncp

(The 'ncp' is short for noChessProgram, i.e. game-viwer mode.) But if you
want to use WinBoard for examining a game that you already have in a PGN
file, it should be sufficient to double-click that file. The normal
install of WinBoard 4.8 should have associated the .PGN extension to
WinBoard, and automatically start WinBoard as game viewer with that file
loaded when it gets double-clicked.

An alternative that even works without this association would be to drag
the PGN file on top of the winboard.exe icon.

Instead of a Windows shortcut you could also put all command-line options
that you need to run WinBoard in a certain mode (like -ncp) in a file with
extension .ini or .xop, and drag that on top of the winboard.exe icon to
start WinBoard with those options. If everything WinBoard needs to know is
already specified that way (i.e. one of -ncp, -cp, -ics, and, when
relevant specification of engines (-fcp and -scp) or ICS (-icshost)),
there is no reason for WinBoard to put up the Stratup Dialog.

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