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[Bug-XBoard] Wrong - unreadable fonts

From: Maurizio Camangi
Subject: [Bug-XBoard] Wrong - unreadable fonts
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2015 20:52:41 +0200
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Since I do not know when (I have probably done a huge system update before it happened) XBoard 4.7.3 on XUbuntu 14.04 x32 (i386) displays clunky fonts, as shown in the attachment.

~$ uname -a
Linux deepnet 3.13.0-54-generic #91-Ubuntu SMP Tue May 26 19:15:38 UTC 2015 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux

~$ dpkg -l | grep xfonts
ii xfonts-100dpi 1:1.0.3 all 100 dpi fonts for X ii xfonts-75dpi 1:1.0.3 all 75 dpi fonts for X ii xfonts-base 1:1.0.3 all standard fonts for X ii xfonts-encodings 1:1.0.4-1ubuntu1 all Encodings for X.Org fonts ii xfonts-mathml 6ubuntu1 all Type1 Symbol font for MathML ii xfonts-scalable 1:1.0.3-1 all scalable fonts for X ii xfonts-utils 1:7.7+1 i386 X Window System font utility programs

~$ dpkg -l | grep xboard
ii xboard 4.7.3-1 i386 X Window System Chess Board

Kind Regards

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